Questions and Answers


How do I register for a KiC Program?

The first step is to contact us via email or phone to ensure we are able to accommodate your need. Next, head over to our main webpage and locate the link to our active registration form(s).  Simply download the form, complete it, and provide it along with the registration fee to our Director, Ms. Shawna. She'll guide your through the rest of the admission process.


What happens if I don't provide the registration fee at the time of application?

You are placed on our wait list.  Names are assigned to seats only once registration fees have been paid. If you have been placed on the wait list due to a program being full, no registration fee is due unless/until a seat becomes available.  At that time, the registration fee will be required before the student can join the program.


May I pay the registration fee via

Absolutely, you are welcome to make payments through your This is only possible for existing KiC families.  New families wishing to participate in a KiC program will not have accounts until your application is processed.  Therefore, the initial registration fee should be paid to Kid in Christ via check.

Special note for current KiC families.  Please send an email to if you make online registration or summer activity fee payments. Unfortunately, the system doesn't give you the ability to provide comments regarding your payment.  An email explaining your payment would help with tracking purposes.


How do I know my application has been processed and my student has been assigned a seat in the program?

Once your application is received along with the registration payment, your Procare statement will reflect the registration transaction along with the payment transaction (unless paying via as stated above).  For example, when registering for the 2019-2020 school year, you will see transaction similar to the following if registration is processed:

5/1/2019   |  Registration Fee   |   Fall 2019               |   $40.00     |   $40.00 (due)

5/1/2019   |  Pmt by Check      |   Fall 2019, #3214   |   $40.00     |   $  0.00


I used to write checks to Kids in Christ and Kids in Action, depending on the program they attended.  Is this still the case?

No, payments only need to be made to Kids in Christ.

We still differentiate the programs by campus (Kids in Christ  when at the Lindenthal campus, Kids in Action when at the Highland Hope campus) for operational purposes, but for yours and our bookkeeping purposes we operate under the Kids in Christ business name.