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2022 Summer Camp | February Reminders | 2022-23 Latchkey Registration


Registration for the 2022 Summer Camp program begins this Tuesday. We already know interest in the program exceeds the number of spots we are able to offer. Here's how the process will work.

  1. On Tuesday a link will appear on our website ( to begin the registration request. This link will initiate an email that expresses interest in the program. Please ensure the parent/guardian and children are named in the body of the email so we can track these requests since email addresses don't always provide a reliable way for us to identify the sender.

  2. KiC will provide a receipt of email acknowledgement. Requests will be reviewed, prioritizing returning families that have participated in previous years. New families will be tracked based on date/time of their request. Payment history and timeliness will also be a consideration for determining how spots are distributed.

  3. KiC will then provide a link to approved returning and then new families to complete the online registration form. A time limit will be established for receiving your registration form. If the form is not submitted within the allotted time, the spot may be offered to the next request on the list.


Kids in Christ will offer extra care on the following dates:

  • Friday, Feb 4: Half Day Dismissal. A pizza lunch will be provided, or students can bring a peanut/tree nut free lunch if they wish.

  • Monday, Feb 21: Presidents Day Camp. Held at Highland Hope UMC, this is a full day care offering. Students will need to bring a peanut/tree nut free lunch on this day.

If you have not already registered your student for these dates, you may do so here: (fees applied after attendance is taken, not based on registration)


Registration for the 2022-2023 Latchkey Program will begin on March 1. The online registration form will be similar to what we are using for the Summer Program. There will likely be a direct link on our website, rather than the initial email exchange needed to manage the flow of the summer registration process.

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