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COVID-19 Update

As a result of the state mandate to close all public and private schools from Tuesday, March 17, to Monday, March 30 (tentative date, subject to change) due to public safety interests, Kids in Christ will not be offering childcare during this period. Tuition for the upcoming week has been adjusted to invoice for Monday only. No additional tuition charges will be assessed during this period. Day Camps planned for Thursday (Mar 19) and Friday (Mar 20) are cancelled.

This will undoubtedly be a challenging time for many families. Our prayers remain steadfast for everyones safety and well-being. We will consider account balances as “frozen” as of Monday, meaning late fees will NOT be assessed during this period. Kids in Christ must continue to meet our expenses throughout this period. We ask if you currently have a balance due and are able to submit your payment, please do so. If your employment has been impacted and basic needs are at risk, we trust your judgment in choosing the proper immediate use of your resources. We’ll be excited to see every family back to school once this period has passed.

Finally, we ask that you keep our Kids in Christ team in your prayers, as your families are definitely in ours. Few will avoid being impacted in some way. But a caring community is able to overcome even the most daunting of obstacles.Please reach out with any questions pertaining to our sphere of influence. We may not have all the answers as conditions are often changing, but we’ll do our best.

Very sincerely,

Kids in Christ team


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