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Fall 2019 Registration Q & A

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Q: How can I confirm whether my child is registered for the Kids in Christ latchkey program?

A: You can find out by logging into - Click the link to access the website - Enter your email address and password. If this is your first time using the MyProcare portal, you’ll be prompted to create a password - Once into your account, look for the SCHEDULE option along the top and click it - Along the left, under the date, use the drop-down option to select your child’s name - A calendar should become visible with colored dots representing the dates you child is registered for attending Kids in Christ based on the full-time program(s) you have selected

Q: What if I only registered for the full-day dates? Will I see those dates?

A: No, I don’t have those built into the schedule yet. I do plan to use your registration forms to schedule those soon so you may confirm their accuracy and keep us informed of any changes in plans.

Q: What if I don’t see any dots on my calendar but I plan for my child to attend Kids in Christ?

A: At this point, either I do not have a registration form and payment *or* an old, unpaid balance exists. Either provide a completed form and payment to Ms. Shawna as soon as possible. Our classes are filling up, so please confirm space with Ms. Shawna. See below for unpaid balance situations.

Q: If my child attended the Kids in Christ latchkey program last year, is he/she automatically enrolled for this fall?

A: No. We do not automatically enroll any student. All students, new and returning, must complete a registration form and submit the registration fee to reserve a spot in the program. The registration form is available at the bottom of our website:

Q: What if I forget and don’t actually register my child before school begins?

A: Your child will not be registered in Procare and the system will not allow you to sign him/her into the program.

Q: What if I have an unpaid balance from a previous program?

A: Your Procare account will be in a suspended state and will not allow you to sign your child into the program. You can view and pay your outstanding balance from the website. Mr. Stratton will be available to receive payments and update accounts if necessary, but this may require additional time. Plan your time accordingly.

Q: What if I submitted a registration form, registration fee payment, my account payments are up-to-date, and I still don’t see the colored dots indicating my child is scheduled for daily before and/or after school care in Procare?

A: Contact Mr. Stratton. p: 314-384-9959.

Q: I received your email and can follow these instruction, but my spouse/partner did not receive your email and cannot access How do we fix this?

A: An email address needs to be established for that individual in Procare. Send us the person’s name, email address, and child’s name - we’ll update Procare.


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