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Fall 2019 Welcome Q & A

Q: When are tuition bills sent out?

A: We don't technically send out bills or invoices. You have several ways to monitor your tuition balance.

  1. Each time you check your child in and/or out of care at the kiosk, your balance will be displayed. This only applies to those designated as "payers" on the account. Those you authorize to pick-up your child will not have this information available to them.

  2. You may log into 24/7 to see your tuition balance.

  3. Statements will be routinely emailed. I'm going to switch from a twice per month schedule, to a weekly schedule. This is something I must manually trigger, so some variation in time/day is possible depending on circumstances.

Q: When are tuition payments due?

A: Tuition is due the week care is provided. If you have elected to use the automatic payment option, I trigger those to process each Monday for the upcoming week. Those paying through or using the kiosk to pay with a debit/credit card, or to deposit a check in the drop box, may do so anytime during the week. Payment is considered late as of Saturday.

Q: What are the consequences for late payments?

A: Many. First, it places a strain on our cashflow. Your tuition payments are used to purchase the snacks we provide your children, the rent we pay to operate within the school, and the salaries we pay our staff. If an account reaches 15 days past due, late fees will be assessed each week it remains in this status. If an account reaches 30 days past due, the account will be placed in a "Financial Hold" status and care will be discontinued pending either payment in full or formal removal from the program.

Q: How are fees applied for the additional services such as Early Fridays and Holiday camp dates if we opt to use them?

A: On your registration form, you indicated your intent to use these care opportunities. However, we understand circumstances change. Therefore, these fees are applied the day of care (based on actual attendance). The registration form provides us with forecasting information so we know what staff requirements we are facing and whether we might be in danger of reaching capacity limits. Please keep us informed of any plan changes.

Q: Is tuition for shortened school weeks prorated?

A: If school is in session for 3 days or more, we do not prorate tuition. We will prorate for less than 3 days (ie. Thanksgiving week). Regular tuition rates are not applied for the 2 full weeks of Christmas break. Holiday camp tuition is applied to those that opt to participate. This not an "all or nothing" charge, charges are applied to each day you utilize care.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions, Ms. Shawna or Mr. Stratton?

A: We are both happy to answer any question you have, but we are best equipped to answer questions related to our primary responsibilities.

  • Ms. Shawna directs the operations of the care your children receive. This includes: approving registration, meeting state requirements, teacher and teacher assistant supervision, curriculum and activities, behavior discussions, etc.

  • Mr. Stratton directs the business aspects for the organization. This includes: system administer for the Procare application, website, and other IT elements, tuition fees and receiving payments, vendor payments, budget formulation and execution, etc.

  • Ms. Ciara is one of our teachers and recently joined our permanent staff as Assistant to the Director. You might speak to her when you call our main telephone number, or correspond with her via email as well. She's very knowledgable and will be happy to answer questions or direct you to one of us as appropriate.


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