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KiC Announcements for 09/16/2023


  • Wednesday, Sep 20 - HOMECOMING - PM care will not be available this day due to the parking lot being used to stage parade floats and the safety concern this presents for emergency vehicle access should an injury or condition require immediate attention.

  • Friday, Sep 22 - EARLY RELEASE at 11:45AM - Ms Shawna or Ms Ciara will be making contact with parents to get an accurate headcount and determine lunch requirement (pizza options: cheese, sausage, pepperoni). An additional charge will be applied after-the-fact, once attendance is confirmed. Please contact Ms. Shawna if you require care and she has not confirmed this with you by early next week.


If you’d like to sign-up to have payments automatically applied to your banking account, debit card, or credit card, a new option is now available to complete an online form, bypassing the printed form process. A button has been placed on our website that should initiate an email to me requesting the online registration link. The link expires 4 days after being sent, making this request coordination necessary. If the button to email me does not function properly (some mobile browsers don’t like these buttons), simply send me an email to request the online registration form.

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