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Week 10 Summer Camp | VBS | 2022-23 Latchkey

We enter August tomorrow and the home stretch of Summer Camp. 2 more weeks!

The team has has so much fun with these campers, and the last 2 weeks have much more fun in store.

Highland Hope's Vacation Bible School begins Thursday and KiC campers will get to participate in the crafts and activities of VBS. Our VBS team would love to know if your campers plan to continue building their armor Saturday and participate in the graduation feast on Sunday. If so, please complete this short form to let them know:

Learn more about what's happening at VBS in this video:

Procare Parent Engagement is coming soon. More information will be sent out regarding benefits of the Parent Engagement system and how it can assist with easier child check-in/out, making payments, and more direct communication. When we're ready to launch, you'll be sent an email that contains a 4-digit PIN you'll use within Parent Engagement. Feel free to download the Procare app so you'll be ready when we launch.

As we wind down Summer Camp, please ensure your payments are timely. We'd like to closeout our books regarding summer quickly as we start our latchkey program. REMINDER: students cannot start latchkey if an unpaid balance exists from Summer Camp.

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