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Welcome to the 2021-2022 year!

Many of you may have questions regarding the drop-off and pick-up process we use at Kids in Christ. I have made a 1 minute video that may help familiarize you with this process.

In the video you'll see we utilize an attendance and payment kiosk that you'll use to sign your students into/out of Kids in Christ. I will be onsite for the first few days to help you establish your Personal ID Number (PIN) and Password.

You'll need 2 sets of numbers as a PIN and Password. Both are 4-8 digits in length. They cannot be the same set of numbers. They cannot be repeating numbers (22222) or sequential numbers (12345). Recommendation is to use a familiar number such as your 7-digit cellphone number as your PIN and the last 4 of your cell or any other code you can easily remember as your Password.

This setup process will take a couple minutes, please give extra time to accomplish this task.

Any person you have authorized to drop-off or pick-up must have a PIN/Password for the check-in/check-out process. We'll help with setup as people new to the system need assistance. You are welcome to setup the PIN/Password for others if you'd like. Just let us know.

A common question is "Can I give my PIN/Password to my [spouse] [parent] [friend] to check my kid in/out of KiC?" This is not recommended for security purposes. This is the only way of us keeping a record of who your child arrived or departed with for any particular day.

Also, a valid ID card (e.g. Driver's License) is required at time of pick-up. This is a State/DCFS requirement that you present your ID each time. Even though you may see the same person at the door everyday, you'll be asked to present your ID.

Please share with those you have authorized to drop-off/pick-up your child so they will know what to expect.

Finally, primary payers (parents/guardians) have the ability to make payment from the kiosk using a debit/credit card if your account has an email address associated. If you attempt to use this feature and experience any issue, let us know and we'll try to resolve the issue a quickly as possible.

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