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Welcome Back! Latchkey 2022-23

Welcome to the 2022-23 Latchkey Program!


Kids in Christ is an independent organization, not affiliated with the Highland Community School District. We rent space at the school in order to provide a convenient before and after school care service. We value our trusted relationship with the school.

Because we are not part of the school, any notifications you provide to the school regarding your child's schedule, absence, pick-up arrangements, health, medications, belongings, etc. do not flow to KiC. In this regard, please think of KiC as you would an off-site daycare. Any information or notifications relevant to KiC must be communicated to us along with the school's notifications.


Kids in Christ will offer care on 1/2 Days and holiday Day Camps. Fees for each were included on the Registration Form you completed. We will provide reminders, but to sign-up for these optional care services, please visit our website: and select the Day Camp and/or Early Release options to access the forms. You'll find a Google Form for each care opportunity. This might be a bit tedious if you'll use several dates, but it helps us improve our tracking.


If school is cancelled or released due to severe weather, Kids in Christ will not be available to provide care. Please ensure your contingency plans include these rare, but possible, occasions.


Wednesday, September 21 is Highland's Homecoming Parade. The parade floats and participants are staged at the Lindenthal campus, making access in and out for parents nearly impossible. For this reason, Kids in Christ will CLOSE at 4:00PM this day. Please mark your calendars and make arrangements now.


Morning drop-off will be the same as last year. Parents/authorized personnel will utilize the kiosk to check-in students using their PIN/Password.

Afternoon pick-up will be as follows. Parent/authorized person presents their ID at the door as usual, the KiC staff member will utilize our software in "Receptionist mode" to validate the individual is authorized for the child(ren) and will check the students out for the day. This increases our safety measures and is an added convenience for those picking up. Please have your IDs readily available to prevent delays.


Welcome to our new kindergarten students. We know this first week is a bit awkward for schedules, so you will not be charged this first week. However, feel free to utilize care as needed while you and your student get acclimated. Contact Ms. Shawna (Director) or Ms. Ciara (Assistant Director) if you have any questions about schedule or care.


Please carefully review your schedules and charges for accuracy. For those enrolled in auto-pay, I have scheduled this first week's payment to post on Wednesday in order for provide some time for your review. Future auto-pay posts will happen on Mondays, except on federal holidays, auto-pay will post on Tuesday.


Invite emails will begin going out Monday to utilize the Procare app on your mobile device. There are several benefits to using the app. The app allows for better communication and messaging between parents/guardians and staff. Messages via the app will still also go out via email as well. But this helps prevent messages from being lost amongst other emails, spam filters, etc, for those that use the app. The app is only available to parents/guardians - those registered as primary financially responsible for accounts - basically, those receiving this information via email now. I am working with Tuition Express to allow the mobile payment feature via the app as well. Once enable by Tuition Express, you'll have the option of adding your bank or credit/debit card information onto your app's account to be used for payments. Of course, the auto-pay is the easiest method. If you are interested in this method, the authorization form is located on our website. Simply complete and provide to me (just drop it in the kiosk lockbox if you'd like).

I know these emails can sometimes get rather lengthy, but I hope the information is helpful. If you have any questions that I have not addressed, please do not hesitate to let me know (if financial or technology related) or Ms. Shawna (if childcare related).

We look forward to seeing many of you beginning Wednesday. Kids in Christ, and everyone at Highland Hope UMC, wish you and your students a safe, learning enriched, and fun school year. We are blessed to partner with you.

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