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The last week of Summer Camp starts Monday. The amount of activity that occurs each day can be exhausting for our staff but I actually heard one of our younger staff members exclaim "But I don't want it to be over yet!". We hope your students enjoyed their camp well enough to wish it were longer.

When you see staff this week, please let them know if you appreciated their work this summer. A few words of encouragement and gratitude from parents/guardians goes a lot further than anything I can say regarding their efforts and impact on your families.


Reminder: Kids in Christ is CLOSED Monday, Aug 15 and Tuesday, Aug 16.

Staff will be available to assist with setting up PIN/Passwords for new KiC families (and possibly resetting PIN/Passwords for returning families that have forgotten them over them summer). We are exploring new and improved options for our check-in/check-out process. If we can implement a change that increases safety for the children and more convenience for the adults, we will communicate this to you.

At this point, the same cafeteria door will be utilized for drop-off/pick-up. Watch for signs on the door if this occasionally changes for pick-up, ie. the cafeteria will occasionally be used for Teacher Institute training which will require us to move our kiosk - likely to the door further down the sidewalk.

New families may find this post and video helpful:

The door used in the video is not correct for the current school year (we use the cafeteria door - but may use this door occasionally as mentioned above), but the PIN/Password information may be helpful.

If you view your child's schedule in your portal account and see the message:

"The child whose schedule you are viewing is not currently enrolled"

This is likely a timing issue. Our current session is Summer Camp. This session ends as of Aug 13. If your child is not enrolled in Summer Camp, you will see the message, but you should still see your child's schedule on the displayed calendar for the school dates. Our Latchkey session begins as of Aug 14. At that time, the message will no longer appear for those enrolled in Latchkey, but would appear for our Summer Camp students that are not enrolled in Latchkey.

Sorry for any confusion this might cause. Thank you to the parent that sent me the question on this topic, we are always happy to help clarify issues and avoid unnecessary concern.

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