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Highland Hope UMC is offering a $50 credit gift certificate to one of our families for completing a survey that would help them know what events and activities interest you! Simply use this link to access the short survey via Google Form: or pickup a paper copy of the survey from our Procare kiosk when checking your student in/out of Kids in Christ. Highland Hope will randomly select one (1) survey received by March 11, 2022 to win the $50 credit that will be applied to the winner's Kids in Christ account.


Registration for the 2022-2023 Latchkey Program is open. Click the button on our webpage to complete the short pre-registration form. Because we are still operating under COVID group size restrictions, this initial step is necessary for Ms. Shawna and Ms. Ciara to assess availability. If invited to officially register, the longer registration form link will be sent to officially register.


The registration process for summer and fall latchkey invites many new families into the Kids in Christ extended family. Let me extend the warmest welcome to the Kids in Christ programs. If you have any questions regarding things such as billings, payments, your Procare account, or our online parent portal - - please feel free to contact me (Philip Stratton). Ms. Shawna or Ms. Ciara are your best contacts for topics involving your child’s schedule and any concerns or information regarding the care they receive.

Several documents that you might find helpful regarding how our check-in/out process works, which is the Procare software program we use, and the payment options you have available can be found here: I am happy to answer any question you have regarding this information once you’ve had the opportunity to review it. Staff will be available to assist you and those on your authorized pick-up list with setting up your Procare UserID & Password at the attendance station kiosk. These individual codes are needed for checking students in/out of the programs. Additional information on this process can be found in this post (note, the door we use at the school has changed since the video was made, but the process is the same):

As a reminder, the before & after school programs for elementary students are conveniently located at the Lindenthal campus. Day Camp, offered most days when school is not in session (review our Google Calendar located on our website: for specific dates), and Summer Camp is located at Highland Hope UMC - use the west door (far right side when facing the building) to enter the stairwell that leads to the KiC kiosk and entrance. Kids in Christ is a trusted partner, but not affiliated, with the Highland Community School District.

We’re glad you have made the choice to join us at Kids in Christ. Our staff is passionate about caring for your loved ones, but our mission includes serving the entire family unit. If a need arises, we have connections and resources that may be able to assist. We’d be happy to connect you to those.

Once again, welcome to the Kids in Christ family!

(Kids in Christ is a ministry of Highland Hope UMC)


We have replaced a desk in the Kids in Christ office. Before disposing of this by other means, if any KiC family is interested in picking this up for use as a desk, workbench, etc., please let us know quickly of your interest in taking it. Here's a photo showing it measures 60 inches wide but 68 inches tall with the detachable hutch.!AvdyJuvnoMxmmC3tqoxY9HAJVhyY?e=MJQPYO

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